Highlands Private School uses Google's G-Suite for Education within the school.  Google's user-friendly array of online applications, allows us to teach our learners how to use computers to do their work, communicate with their teachers online, collaborate with their peers on assignments and projects, and ultimately to learn digital skills and responsible digital citizenship.  What sets G-Suite for education apart is that the tools provided to school administrators to protect the data and the safety of our learners while they interact using these online applications, help to make sure that no-one from outside the school domain can contact your learner and no learner can make contact with anyone outside the school domain.  This level of administration is crucial to the safety of your child - meaning that their accounts are completely managed and that the content they are allowed to view is strictly monitored and filtered from any inappropriate content.  Our approach to digital education is to provide your child with computer literacy starting at a young age so that by the time they have left primary school, they are confident & responsible computer users.

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