We warmly welcome you to Highlands Private School's website, but more importantly to a good school that places a high value on its learners and the part that the school plays in inspiring and educating the next generation(s) of learners and leaders.

We offer a high standard of education that possesses academic excellence, spiritual depth, and integrity.  We believe that education cannot take place in a vacuum and accordingly the School has a strong Christian foundation and ethos:


  • Biblically integrated curriculum (the centrality of Christ)

  • Passionate and inspirational teaching.

  • Well-established relationship with parents (partnership)

  • Healthy environment

  • Individual attention - smaller classes - maximizing individual potential

Highlands School Principal.jpg

Here at Highlands, our main is to produce young learners who will have a Christian worldview and clear Biblical values, while developing the whole child physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.  We aim to provide every child in our care with an education of high academic standard throughout the educational process and motivate them to achieve within their individual abilities.  We want to prepare our learners for the fourth industrial revolution whilst maintaining firm discipline with clearly-defined standards of behaviour.

Our school is a centre of inspired teaching, with dedicated staff who prepare children to become active and productive participants in the community.  Our highly experienced teachers are at the core of what makes us special.  As a dedicated and caring team, our staff prepare and present lessons according to how each student learns and are all involved in extra-mural activities. 

The school uses the CAPS Curriculum, and the teaching staff aim to provide a good balance between formal and informal activities.  We recognise that the programme needs to encompass the spiritual, emotional, social, academic and physical areas and it includes continuous observation and assessment throughout the year to monitor each child’s progress. 

The technology company, Dell estimating that 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been invented yet.  Many experts believe that we are now in the early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an era combining digital, physical and biological systems in a way never seen before. Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and robotics are changing the way that we live and work and the rapid pace of change is disrupting almost every industry.  Whilst technological advancements are undoubtedly increasing productivity, concerns over job losses due to automation are rife. However, for school leavers equipped with the correct skills the opportunities appear endless.  Our goal is to equip our learners with the necessary skills to be able to adapt easily to the current digital reality that the world is in.

High School is an important time in a student’s life.   It is a time when life-long friendships develop, independent thinking and community responsibility mature, and transition to adulthood is nurtured. To ensure that all students reach their full potential and engage fully in their community Highlands Private School are excited to announce the opening of a High School in 2022.  This is something that we are very excited to offer the community of Middelburg.

As the principal of Highlands Private School, we want to welcome you to our school.  We look forward to seeing your children grow as they embark on this exciting journey that we are on, and we look forward to partnering together with you as parents on this glorious mission that God has called us to.

Yours in education,

Joyce van der Merwe