Highlands Private School is thoughtfully and prayerfully steered by a team of board members, who are well-respected business leaders, church leaders, and specialists in their respective fields.

The Highlands Private School board has the best interest of your child at heart, and it is the boards mission to direct the school in a way that is open, honest, and God-honouring.

Graeme Lennox, the former lead pastor of Solid Ground Church, leads the Highlands Private School Board.  Joyce van der Merwe, the school principal & Paul du Plessis has been instrumental in the establishment of the school.  Riaan Freemantle, the former Chief Maintenance Engineer at Columbus Stainless brings a wealth of business & financial experience, together with business leader Hento Deale.  Lastly,  James Lennox is the pastor of Solid Ground Church in Middelburg.

Board_Graeme Lennox_edited.jpg

Graeme Lennox

Joyce Circle.png

Joyce vd Merwe

Board_Paul du Plessis_edited.jpg

Paul du Plessis

Board_Riaan Freemantle_edited.jpg

Riaan Freemantle

Board_Hento Deale_edited.jpg

Hento Deale


James Lennox