1.  Introduction

In order to assist parents (new and existing) with planning for 2023, we set out below details of our school fees, the education levy, a brief summary of our billing methods, and general administrative information.

2.  School Fees 2023

Below is the schedule of school fees for 2023:

3.  Enrolment Administration Fee / Annual Registration Fee

Grade RRR - Grade 1 Registration Fee:  R1500 includes all administration costs and ALL STATIONERY.  This once-off registration fee is non-refundable.
Grade 2 - 7:  R800 includes all administration costs but NO STATIONERY.  This once-off registration fee is non-refundable.

4.  Stationery 

In 2023, Highlands Private School will provide all the necessary stationery for its learners from Grade RRR, RR, R & 1 as part of its R1500 registration fee.  Note, that this fee does not cover any of the required textbooks.

The Grade 2 - Grade 7 teachers will make the required stationery lists available to parents who will need to source the learner's required stationery & textbooks at their own cost.